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Comparing the modern kitchen and the traditional kitchen; focus on the blender

The modern day kitchen found in many homes today is very different to the kitchen that was used by our ancestors a few years ago. Today’s kitchen is a whole lot different thanks to the modern appliances that are used today. Whereas in the past the kitchen had a few pots, pans, ladles, a kettle, cooking sticks, knives, and a few other items, today’s kitchen has numerous different appliances each with different application.

One of the common household appliance found in the kitchen today is the blender. The blender is a modern appliance that is used to carry out a function that has always been carried out in kitchens since time immemorial. The blender is used to cut food into very small pieces and to mix up food contents. In the past, the people were content to do this using a normal kitchen knife.

Despite the task being tedious, as compared to the modern use of the blender, the people were still successful in using the traditional tools to make popular foods such as hummus which are ages old.

The blender helps to make the work of chopping up food into fine pieces very easy. Apart from making the work easy, blenders also help to accomplish the work much faster. Food that is blended is also much finer than food chopped up using a knife and the food is also mixed up better.

Blenders that are used today are appliances that are powered by electricity. A blender is basically an apparatus with blades fixed to a motor. When the motor is powered it rotates at a terrific powerful speed and in this way it blends the food.

The basic blender consists of a device that has a container with blades at the bottom. The food is put into the container and covered. The blades/ motor is then powered with a switch. The switch is used to control the motor. One can therefore control how much the food is blended and how fine it is chopped up.

There is also another type of blender known as the immersion blender. The immersion blender is a device that has a long handle with the extreme end fitted with the motor with blades. The other end is the handle and it contains the control switch. In this type of blender, one dips the end with the blades into a container with the food to be blended. Once the blades are in the food one can then switch on the blender and the food will be blended.

An immersion blender is a great appliance that has many advantages including the fact that it makes it easier to blend food. i.e one can blend food directly in their container. This includes blending cooking food such as hot soups. It is also quite portable and battery powered immersion blenders can even be used in the outdoors.

Immersion blenders do not need a lot of storage room. The best immersion blender will provide great service for a long time despite being more affordable as compared to the table top blenders.


Growing up self-obsessed with my looks and relapsing into an unhealthy lifestyle

As a teenage girl I always wanted to look my best. For any girl around sixteen, a lot of time is spent in front of the mirror trying to look pretty. I would often get in trouble with my mom when she caught me stealing her makeup or her perfume. At the time my mother was very much against me using any makeup. She said that I did not need it and that I should forget about looking pretty and instead focus on my studies. I however continued with my self-obsessions and this continued even when I joined college.

I knew that I was pretty and that my tall shapely body was much more attractive than other girls. I however did not know how much this was an asset until I joined college. In college, being pretty is a huge plus and one can quickly become a superstar simply due to their physical appearances.

When I joined college the boys were immediately all over me. During the first few weeks I was quite naïve and I was confused not knowing what to make of all the fuss about me. Luckily I had good girl friends who helped me evade much of the attention from the boys and they also gave me some guidance on how to go about the whole issue.

I was able to avoid the lure of the stardom that college provides for pretty girls and I was able to concentrate on my education. This did not however mean that I stopped trying to look as pretty as possible. Now that I was in college and away from my mother I had the freedom of using makeup as much as I wanted. I became an expert at making myself look good.

Apart from using makeup I also developed a skill for dressing up. In college my favorite attire was leggings as I knew these best accentuated my shapely feminine body. I also found them comfortable. I had several pairs of leggings all of different colors and design.

Apart from, dressing up stylishly and appropriately using makeup for my face, I also paid great attention to my physique. Much of my beauty was due to my physique and I was worried that I would grow fat and spoil my appearances.

As such I paid great attention to what I ate. I also enrolled for yoga classes which I used to help me burn up calories and help me from getting fat. Overcoming my appetite was often a challenge and I sought different ways of helping to control my appetite. I used natural foods such as apple cider and white tea to help me to manage my weight.

During the time in college I managed to maintain a pretty trim figure. However, after college when I started working, I could not just keep up the strict principles. Today I am hardly the shapely beauty that graced high school. I no longer do physical exercises and I have become obsessed with junk. No wonder I no longer get lusty glances as I walk down the road.